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Week 16, 17, 18,and 19

There are a whole lot of things I could say to why I am behind on my blogs but  biggest one is I am traveling over the road in and out of service areas , so when I get out from behind the wheel I listen to the lesson week, during my travel time I think about the person I intend to become and my DMP, blueprint builder ,  looking for all the shapes and color , the fire and wire together and I am worth the time to learn these simple exercises to find my major purpose in life.

My make over word of the week is take intiative. so I am doing just that with doing my blog today and stop waiting tell the last minute to write the miracles of each day down.

Week 14 an 15

So here it is week 15 and blog 14 was posted to the wind. I write such amazing blogs in my head when I am driving down the road and when it comes to writing on the tablet the words are already in the universe  and I don’t post exactly what I said when I was driving .

Anyway week 15

I do notice nature all day long, the bright colors green ,  Brown, yellow , purple , reds, whites, black, and  blues all different shades of these colors.  I get to see snow storms, and rain storms the winds I feel from North, South, East, and West as it pushes pulls, and slows me down. The RAIN  covers some areas and not others. Sometimes I am running along side of a storm cloud and at other times I am in the eye of the storm, some of the clouds are white like cotton , and at others black as coal they come poring over mountain tops and scattered throughout out the sky making different designs and pictures in the sky. examples boats, trees , birds ,sharks, people and other things.

Oh then the roads from theses storm, flooded roads, pot holes bouncing down the road, slick icy roads cars off in the ditches trucks over turned , lights flashing from emergency vehicles helping these people who are in distress , taking life to seriously ,  always in a hurry and not thinking about how thier action effects other in the blink of and eye it could be over.

The wild life ,  hawks flying , sitting on fence polls, deer and elk in the farm lands and on the roads some alive and dead, wild horse ,  and cow of many breads, hunters coming from the woods with there game.  It is an amazing world out there so many things to see and learn from.

I am part of the whole, I am natures greatest miracle ,  I will persist until I succeed

Weeks 10, 11,12 and 13

These weeks have been eye opening, so many different feeling running through my head. I keep going back to what you see in others you have in yourself .

So here it is loving , caring, helpful , short temper, frustration , irritability , humility , concern for others welfare and animal , and finding the good trates in others.

I remind myself mins, hrs, day, weeks months and years to love all humanity for I have the key to what they have yet to know the power to thought and creating good habits ,  the 7 Laws. the cause to the effect of things and I am part of the whole and one with my creator ,you can tie any feeling to a situation .

During pervious Christmas and holiday season I didnt want anything to do with it, I was Mrs Scrooge . This year they have been a joy, singing Christmas songs in my head enjoying the lights on the houses and noticing the houses that don’t have lights , maybe they don’t enjoy the holidays because of the experience they had at that time or lost a love one during the holiday . The thing is people have many things in there life going on and reacting to it instead of putting thought into it before reacting .  Im working on thought before action and I get better each day .  I work daily on getting my exercise done because it will benefit all who are involved .

I enjoyed the movie week and see the persistence , obstacles, the dought for a min then back to the point and charging forward to thier DMP. It doesn’t matter what others think (obstacles ) Which brings dought in your ability to achieve your clearly writen out POA. which leads to like minded people to get you to your end Resolution the effects of the cause.

You are God’s greatest miracle .

Weeks 6,7,8

The task is on, there is no cram-in for this course I read scroll two in my head and repeat it 3 times a day my press release ,  DMP ,  blueprint builder , looking at the shapes it triggers for me with just seeing the color red, green , blue, and yellow or when I see a circle , triangle , square , or rectangle I make the connection and get those new peptides going. I  still fumble through the daily exercises as I am trying to figure out how to drive 10 hr read, sit, blog,make connections , do laundry , shower on the road and keeping my table20151114_160546t and phone charged so I can be on the webby on Sunday .

Being on the road and the 5000 miles a week I drive wiith my husband you can do a lot of thinking of the person I intend to be and today I noticed the vebrant colors of the land the sun was shining brighter  and felt some more of the concrete falling of, it was a very peaceful day watching the birds fly over the truck and road and2528

I was focusing on my DMP and reflecting on my guides comments what I thought was great still needs more focus , well back to the sit, what am I not getting? Well that is the question.so I will sit and focus on my two PPN’S and my DMP .

Week 5

This week was trying to eliminate the anger and frustration that surrounds me. I have been having Strange dreams one was fighting with my sibling telling them where to go and the other was saving their life. I have felt they were the favorite child and always got spoiled.  I was left on the back burner and always had to give up my room when company came to stay.

Given I was a strong willed child and did things my way and didn’t care what you had to say to me.I was told I would fail at everything which some of that was true .

I failed at getting the best education I could because I took the easiest path and turned away from what mattered most and settled for less because I  didn’t believe I deserve better.

Don’t feel sorry for me this course is about chipping away at the concrete forgiving others, fill your heart with love, giving more.

When you hold onto all the S**T from the past it destroys your future. You can’t grow with hate it pulls you down and you drift into the the black whole, weather it be drug use or alcohol the low self-esteem and blaming everyone else for where you are and where you should be.

I can’t look at I should  have done that or this I can only take today and make it the best day ever leaving my past buried and the future to be played out just focusing on my present day. None of what happened in the past matter it happened but it doesn’t define the person I am today.

My garden is starting to flourish with everything I want in my life and giving back more then I have but the joy that comes form that is rich all in itself, forming good habit, sticking to my promises and completing my daily task makes me a very happy person.

Keep shining Bright

Week 4

This week has been to over come my fears. I started a new job, I still am driving over the road but I had to go to orientation and do a road test with the new company. I have been in a automatic for 5 months, this company has Manuel 13 speed Transmissions which I have never driven before. Plus it was in a group so I had to back between two trailers while the others watched.

My nerves were shaking antisipating my turn? I kept taking big breaths to calm myself down thinking about the time limit only 15 minutes to back into the space. Only 15 minutes to get it done. I chose to be last to see how everyone else did, now it was my turn, I jumped in the Truck fumbling to find the right gear, so I made it to the set up for backing the truck got out did the walk around like I was supposed to, got back in put it in reverse back just until I was just going between the two trailers got out and looked as they instructed me to do and got into the truck backed half way got out and took one last look before my final park job it seemed like forever but it took only 7 minutes for all of that to take place. Next was the road trip I decided to be last again so I could see the pattern for shifting, I felt sick to my stomach knowing my turn was coming. Well I passed with flying colors shifting was a little rough but it wasn’t bad my maneuver were smooth.

When talking to the other people in the class it seemed they had the same fear. Judgment of others.  As I observed the action of my coworkers, everyone but 2 supported and encouraged others.

One girl sat by herself on the fist day, that bothered me, I understood because I don’t trust people either I made a comment to her that she hurt my feelings she didn’t sit with us, the next day she joined the group but didn’t talk, today she was breaking out of her shell, I told her I was proud of her saying what she had to say and sitting with the group. She gave me her number when we got back to the hotel.  I was surprised and glad she did hoping to grow a new friendship.

This is new for me,  I’m loving it.

Getting rid of fear of the unknown and embracing the power within